We Found the Dress!

I always dreamed of what my big day would look like. From the venue I would choose with my future husband, to the wedding dress I would wear, to the shoes I would walk down the aisle in, even down to all of the little nit-picky things like decorations and centerpieces and flowers. Well, I finally found my dream dress, shoes, and veil that I will soon walk down the aisle in!

I knew it would not be an easy task to find the right dress, but I was ready to get this process going. First, I had to figure out what I liked. Would it be long or short? Flowy or poofy? Once I figured that out, and once I had an image in my head, I was ready to make an appointment. So I made one the next day for the following Saturday to find my wedding dress.

I walked into the store with the most important ladies in my life, and I was ready to start trying on some dresses. I tried on a couple of dresses and showed them to my family. They were very pretty, but neither of them felt right. They didn't feel like the one.

I went back to the dressing room and tried on another dress. As soon as I walked out and saw myself, I knew. I knew the dress that I was wearing was the one that I was going to walk down the aisle in. When I looked up from the mirror, everybody was crying. I had found the dress! But I wanted to be 100% sure. So, I went back to the dress racks to see if there were any dresses that I might have missed, and I came back from the racks empty-handed.

I looked at everybody, and they all told me to put the third dress back on. So I did. I came back out, and as soon as I saw myself in the dress again, I was absolutely certain that it was the one. Our biggest thing that we have been saying this whole journey is, "When you know, you know", and that was certainly the case today!

Note: We've decided to stick with the tradition of keeping the dress a secret until the wedding, which is why we haven't included any pictures of the dress itself. If you want to see what it looks like, you're going to have to wait until the big day just like Devon!

Devon Dundee

Greenwood, AR, United States

Spirit animal: deer in the headlights. Favorite nicknames: Uncle Dev, Vaughn, That Guy with the Mac Adapter.