Fun Little Weekend

Hey, friends! Just wanted to let you in on some fun we had this past weekend. Friday night, we spent time with Katherine’s little brothers, Blake and Logan. They’re two years old and full of energy, so we enjoy seeing them and letting them get some of that energy out. And they always have a good time with their Keekee (Katherine) and Brennan (Devon). After the boys went to bed, we started working on our registry! More to come on that later.

Saturday was a full, long day. We got up early and went with a group from church to Atkins to see our students compete in Bible competitions. Devon helps coach a Bible Tic-Tac-Toe team (yes, it’s a real thing that Devon used to play himself), and they took first at state! That means they’ll get to compete at nationals this summer. All of the kids from our church did a fantastic job, and we were so proud to watch them show off their talents for the Lord!

Sunday was jam-packed as well. That morning at church, Devon had the honor of baptizing Hannah (Katherine’s little sister) and Andrew (Katherine’s little brother) as they joined our church family! Her parents joined the church, too, and her grandparents even visited to see the special service. It was one of those family Kodak moments we won’t forget.


After church, we had lunch with a friend you’re going to meet in an upcoming blog post. (Secrets! 😁) And then we celebrated Aiden’s birthday with friends and family. We had a gigantic crew, and everyone enjoyed themselves playing laser tag, eating cake, and making Aiden feel loved on his special day. This was our first birthday party that combined Devons’ family with Katherine’s, and it was really cool to realize that it was the first of many, many to come.

That was our weekend! Needless to say, we were ready for some rest after all of that excitement. But we also wanted to share the fun with you as we continue this journey of planning our wedding and turning our two families into one. Thanks for coming along with us! We hope you enjoyed reading this post. Check back soon for more.

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