Our Proposal

Devon's Perspective

For almost as long as Katherine and I have been together, I’ve been thinking about proposal ideas. Not necessarily planning, per se. But just tossing options around in my mind about ways I might possibly pop the question when the time came. And when that time did come, it looked nothing like I had imagined.

Because as great as the scenarios in my head might have been, nothing could have topped the way it really went down.

Katherine and I are both family-oriented, so I knew that she would want her loved ones around for the big day. I picked out the ring in early March (more on that story later) and sent it away to be sized, so I knew I had a bit of time to find an excuse to get everyone together. It just so happened that there was an excellent opportunity coming very soon: Easter.

So I basically spent the entire month of March planning, scheming, and sneaking around trying to make this thing happen without setting off any alarms. I’m still not exactly sure how, but I did it.

After getting all of the necessary blessings and filling my parents in on what was going on, I asked Katherine if she might like to get my nephews and her brothers together for an egg hunt. Of course, she said yes and was excited about the idea. As far as she knew, the plan was for us to all go to my dad’s house that afternoon for an egg hunt and dinner. Little did she know what was really in store.

Next, I had to arrange for the rest of her family to be there. We already had a pretty big group coming, but I knew there were some other people Katherine would want there. So I made arrangements for them to park down the street until we were all distracted with the hunt and then sneak in at just the right moment. Risky.

And then, I had to ensure that we looked our finest for pictures. Fortunately, I was able to play the, “We should like nice on Easter,” card and use it as an excuse to buy new outfits and get Katherine’s nails done. (I knew there’d be a lot of attention on her hands, which is actually a little weird.)

Finally, everything was set. We were all spiffied up on Easter, and everyone was over and ready to hunt eggs. We wouldn’t even let the rain stop us. After the kids finished finding their Easter goodies, I pulled out one last special egg and gave it to Katherine. Inside, she found her engagement ring. While I was getting down on one knee, she was distracted by the rest of her family coming out of hiding. (I think her words were, “What are y’all doing here?!”)

There, in front of our families, I told Katherine how I felt about her and asked her to marry me. And there, in front of everyone, she said yes. She put on her ring, we embraced for a bit, and then everyone took off inside to get out of the rain. After all the pictures and hugs were over, we had a big dinner to celebrate. Kids were playing while the adults sat around and talked. Everyone was laughing and enjoying the special day.

Our proposal was nothing like I expected it would be, but it couldn’t have been more perfect. I wanted to give Katherine the treatment she deserved, but I ended up getting so much more. Everyone came together to make it something that we’ll both remember for the rest of our lives, and I am so thankful.

And the best part of it all is that now, we’re engaged! We get to plan a wedding and start building towards a life together. I can’t think of a better way for us to start off our engagement than the way we did: surrounded by the love and support of those who mean the most to us. And if our proposal is any indication, I’d say we’re in for an amazing ride.



Katherine’s Perspective

By now, you have heard Devon tell the story of how he planned to propose to me and all of the exciting things that he went through. But, what about everything that I was going through? What about everything that was going on in my head in that moment? Because, I can promise you, my mind was spinning!

The biggest question I always get is, "Did you know Devon was going to propose?" And the answer to that would be yes. I did know what his intentions were. See, we talked about getting married very early on in the relationship. So I knew it was coming eventually. I just didn't know exactly when or how. I had an idea of when it could have been but, boy, was I wrong!

Devon proposed on a very windy and cold Easter Sunday. And on top of it being Easter, it was also April Fool's Day! We went to church with our families, and after church, we went back to his house to set up an Easter egg hunt for his nephews and my little brothers (and little did I know, for me, too). As we finished filling up the five (actually six) golden prize eggs, my family arrived. We stood around and talked for a little bit and then finally, it was 3:30, time to hide Easter eggs. He told me and his sister to take the kids upstairs to the playroom so he and his brothers could hide the Easter eggs. He said, "Keep the kids always from the window so they don't cheat!" Little did I know, I was the one he wanted to keep away from the window so I didn't see the rest of my family pulling into his driveway.

After about five minutes of waiting, he came upstairs to get the kids pumped to hunt some eggs. We all went back downstairs, kids and Easter baskets in hand, and walked outside. "On your mark. Get set. Go!" The adults and children were off to find eggs and, most importantly, find their prize egg. After all of the eggs had been found, we all walked back up to the house and got ready to go inside.

But, not all of the eggs had been found. There was still one special golden prize egg. Devon grabbed the egg and handed it to me. Inside, I found a ring. An engagement ring. Next thing I knew, my grandparents, my other brother and sister, and my mom and step-dad were walking through the back door! I was in complete shock. All I could say was, "What are y'all doing here?! Y'all aren't supposed to be here!" But in all reality, they were.

When I turned back around to look at Devon, he was already down on one knee. There, in front of our families, he asked me to marry him! And of course, I said yes! He put the ring on my finger, we embraced each other for a bit, and then we went inside to get out of the rain. After all of the pictures were taken and everything was said and done, we had a huge Easter dinner to celebrate our new engagement. Little did I know that this would turn out to be the best April Fool's Day, and of course the best Easter, ever!




Devon Dundee

Greenwood, AR, United States

Spirit animal: deer in the headlights. Favorite nicknames: Uncle Dev, Vaughn, That Guy with the Mac Adapter.