Our Invitations Are Out!

Hey, friends! We’re happy to announce that all of our invitations have been mailed out. We actually put them in the mail a couple of weeks ago, but we wanted to wait until they were all delivered to post about it on here. Instead of ordering invitations online or buying a pre-made kit, we designed them ourselves and worked with a local printer to get every detail just the way we wanted. We couldn’t be happier with the way they turned out, and everyone who’s gotten one seems to like them, too!


Now we begin the process of taking RSVPs and creating a guest list. Every time we get a new reservation email, it brings a smile to our faces! We wish we could just invite everyone we know to our wedding, but unfortunately, space limitations at our venue wouldn’t allow that. But we are so thankful for all of the support we’ve received thus far in our engagement and for everyone who wants to be a part of our big day. It means the world to us!

We’ve also been busy with other wedding plans, getting ready to break ground on the house, and trying to squeeze in some family time. Over the past few weeks, we tasted and ordered our wedding cake (😋), shopped for lighting fixtures, kept up with The Bachelorette (Devon’s first season), took a couple of trips to the water park, and even went to see Incredibles 2 with some of our favorite guys. Oh, and we’re working on a puzzle! Life is busy, but life is good, and we’re so grateful to be doing it all together.

That’s all we’ve got for now. Thanks for reading, friends, and we’ll be back soon with more updates on our wedding, house, and more!

Devon Dundee

Greenwood, AR, United States

Spirit animal: deer in the headlights. Favorite nicknames: Uncle Dev, Vaughn, That Guy with the Mac Adapter.